Onsite Event: Raise Your Spirits!

Onsite Event: Raise Your Spirits!

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Boost camaraderie with fusion experiences that are dynamic, fun, and uplifting.

  • Promote well-being (lower healthcare costs)
  • Strengthen rapport and employee engagement (increase productivity and job satisfaction)
  • Boost retention and attract talent (save on attrition costs)

Events Include:

  • 45-minute SHOWGA (live music + yoga + aromatherapy)
  • Fresh organic fruit + healthy snacks
  • Artisan cocktails or fresh juice mimosas
  • White-labeled event marketing and calendar invitations
  • Distribution coordination

Boost morale, reduce stress, and inspire community! We manage all elements of production, included mats, sound system, F&B, and venue needs if necessary.

(Pricing based on the number of participants per session. Additional travel fees in some areas.)

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