Onsite Event: Reset + Recharge

Onsite Event: Reset + Recharge

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Create a company culture around sustainable well-being. Engage your team with experiences that encourage wellness, stress reduction, and community. 

  • Promote well-being (lower healthcare costs)
  • Strengthen rapport and employee engagement (increase productivity and job satisfaction)
  • Boost retention and attract talent (save on attrition costs)

Events Include:

  • 45-minute Yoga + Breathwork session
  • Fresh organic fruit + healthy snacks
  • Kombucha or tea tasting bar
  • White-labeled event marketing and calendar invitations
  • Distribution coordination

Relieve stress, calm the nervous system, and cultivate community! We manage all elements of production, included mats and venue needs if necessary.

(Pricing based on the number of participants per session. Additional travel fees in some areas.)

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